HYPERX – UW-Madison’s student org for experimenting with new tech!

About Us

HyperX Madison is a registered UW-Madison student org supporting community for students interested in learning more applications for emerging tech in the Hyper Innovation Tech Lab. The Lab is an open innovation program to de-risk experimentation with emerging technologies and facilitates co-development with universities, startups, and corporations.

There are a number of opportunities for students and campus innovators interested in learning more about technology and innovation and making industry connections.

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Fall 2021 Digital Health “Learning Lab” Industry Project
This fall, you can work with a team of other students to explore customer interaction improvements to a new remote patient monitoring platform. Learn about real-world challenges, meet other students, and earn a stipend of $250 for participating.
Learn More About the Digital Health Industry Project

Choose Your Own Adventure
You may also bring your own passions and ideas for exploring emerging tech of any kind and get connected with resources and mentors to just experiment with something you want to learn about or grow your own ideas.
Learn More About “Choose Your Own Adventure”

Hyper Innovation Digital Health Challenge
Stay tuned for the Hyper Innovation Digital Health Challenge in Spring 2022! Work on your own or with teams to submit ideas and solutions. Gain new skills and connections and compete for cash prizes.
Learn More About the Spring 2022 Digital Health Challenge

Student questions contact the student org HyperX: hyperxmadison@gmail.com


Surface new opportunities through exploration and experimentation in the Hyper Innovation Tech Lab.

Sponsor hackathons, Challenges, or nominate a technology to explore for applications in your industry. Sponsors benefit from shared learning, talent development, and keeping an eye on the horizon of what’s next.

Industry and Sponsor Questions: info@hyperinnovation.com